9/12/11 – Lindsey Buckingham News!

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"Lost 45s" guest and Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham has new new solo CD out called "Seeds We Sow." It is getting critical raves.

[musicsingle file=http://www.lost45.com/audio/Lindsey_Buckingham.mp3]


One Response to “9/12/11 – Lindsey Buckingham News!”
  1. I always enjoyed Lindsay Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac. The song I really enjoy that he sang lead vocals on was, Go your own way. It was on the Rumors album in 1977. One thing I don’t like is the band Wilson Phillips covered the song in 2003. The remake was horrible, just like a lot of remakes. Fleetwood Mac is a legendary band, there is no way you re do a legends material and do it better. Same with other song by Fleetwood Mac. Somebody covered Dreams, I only heard it once and it sucked. Also there is a sampled re make of the Chain. (no good) And the Dixie Chicks covered Landslide. Realistically they do not compare to Fleetwood Mac. (Stevie Nicks or Christine Mcvie)