11/16/14-Lionel Richie & Sinatra

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Billboard caught up with 2014 Touring Awards’ Legend of Live honoree Lionel Richie, who shed light on some of the most memorable moments of his legendary career, like acquainting with Michael Jackson’s pet snake while writing ‘We Are the World’ and his “unlikely” friendship with Frank Sinatra. Nodding to legends in other genres, in response […]

9/25/14-Lionel Richie: New Knee

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Lionel Richie has revealed he’s had a secret hip replacement. The 65-year-old singer rose to fame as the frontman of 1970s funk/soul band the Commodores. But he admits decades of performing in platform boots did his body a major disservice. Speaking about it for the first time, the singer says he was saddled with arthritis […]

8/28/14-Commodores Lawsuit

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It’s a ploy that has been used for ages by former band members. Perform under the name of their former group and add their name so there is no confusion. Except, for the general public, there usually is. That’s what former Commodores member Thomas McClary has been doing as he performs under the name “The […]

10/29/11 – Lionel Richie Goes Country!

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Lionel Richie is going country. The smooth R&B singer will perform country duets on his upcoming album “Tuskegee” — named after his Alabama birthplace. Richie, 62, best known for romantic ballads like “Three Times a Lady” and “Endless Love”, will sing a country version of his hit song “Dancing on the Ceiling” with Rascal Flatts on […]