Martha Coakley The Fraud! Read the chapter about her from my forthcoming book.

To get the blessing of the Police Union for her failed Senate run (she lost both to Scott Brown in one of the worst state campaigns in history); she made every citizen UNSAFE! Martha Coakley the Fraud consistently allows police brutality and disregards the Constitution. Barry Scott was beaten by the Provincetown Police while handcuffed and not resisting arrest (for simply speaking) and his partner, walking with a cane, was thrown on top of a cruiser and held without charges in Provincetown jail while suffering back spasms (later requiring spinal surgery). Coakley the Fraud knew all this and did nothing; yet later trained those very cops and wrote a press release to get positive news. Now, she wants to be Governor. Both papers the liberal Boston Globe and the conservative Boston Herald have endorsed her opponent, Charlie Baker. He is the only choice in this election! Samples of truth about our cowardly Attorney General who should never win another election:

Gay Community Against Her!
She always does illegal activities!
Martha the Loser.
Forgetful or an idiot?
Oops again, Coakley Campaign
Her assistant takes a swing!
No ethics!
Sorry, she's a douche!
More Coakley Crap!
Another Coakley Blunder!
She's Under Investigation (Again)!
Martha Coakley is UNFIT for office
Coakley keeps innocent in Jail to advance criminal career!
Coakley The Thug!
Martha The Mean Ice Queen!
Martha under SEC probe again!
Can't run her own finances!
Coakley breaks another promise!
AG Coakley still breaking laws!
How Coakley The Lying Fraud harms you all!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Wasting your money!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Lets Pedophile Priests be free!
More Coakley Ethics Violations!
Democrats afraid of loser Coakley!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Lying on official documents!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Ice Queen!
Scandal Laden AG Coakley!
Coakley a rotten candidate!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Wasting More Money!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Quit Now!
Martha Coakley The Fraud: Resign!
MA Top Cop hated by Cops!
She can't tell the truth!
Coakley: Real Movie Villian!
Coakley Incompetence!
Coakley Campaign Mistakes!
Coakley the Inept strikes again!
President knew she's a loser!
Democrats blame Coakley!

Learn more about Martha Coakley The Fraud's role in Provincetown, Massachusetts Hate Crimes!

The Massachusetts 'Attorney General' can be reached at (617) 727-2200 or via e-mail: Martha Coakley. Demand she resign! This woman is a DISGRACE to our state!


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