Police and elected officials in Provincetown, Massachusetts condone HATE!


Sample of the letters sent to inept Attorney General Martha Coakley and/or Provincetown officials we have received copies of:

--I've been following your story for a long time now -- and it makes me angry. Human beings deserve better from other human beings. Shame on P-town, shame on the police, shame on the cowardly witnesses whose silence could be bought or who could be intimidated into changing their minds and their stories, shame on the homeowners, the party go-ers, and everyone else who isn't enraged. I've been to P-town a handful of times, but WON'T be heading back. If the police don't serve and protect everyone equally, then it isn't a place I want to spend time or money. I certainly hope you win your appeal -- but even if you don't prevail, you still win because you refused to be silenced. Keep using that amazing voice of yours for the good of all people -- regardless of orientation, gender, race or creed -- today P-town police don't like gays, tomorrow, who else?. Thank you for refusing to go away quietly on this matter!-Marla Murphy Smith/Boston, MA

--Dear Ms. Coakley: I am disappointed to hear that you have not been more helpful to Barry Scott regarding the erroneous charges filed against him in Provincetown this past summer. As a gay constituent who has supported you time and again, I expect more from you on this issue. Provincetown's utopian status in the gay community has tarnished in recent years for reasons such as injustice, cronyism and corruption. No longer a safe haven for expression under the aegis of local law enforcement professionals, it has eroded into a petri dish for the untrained and ignorant who are more concerned with flexing their muscles against the very people they are there to protect. I urge you to delve into this matter and exert your influence to exonerate Barry Scott who has long been an inspirational figure in our community for over 20 years, not to mention a Martha Coakley supporter, as well. Thank you, Caren Block/Somerville, MA

--Please, please do not sit idly by while the acting police commissioner embarrasses the town by saying he doesn't think the officers over-reacted. Take the leadership role you wanted when you ran for office, and stand up for what's right here. The police can't physically slam someone into a building and propane tank just because they don't like the message being spoken. If freedom of speech and expression isn't aggressively protected in Ptown, then I and my family will find somewhere else to vacation. Sincerely, Bob Goldman/Lynn

--As a college classmate, fellow broadcaster and longtime friend of Barry Scott, I found it almost laughable that the Provincetown Police needed to use force when addressing a noise complaint in P-Town last summer. Barry, one of the most laid back, law abiding people I have ever known? Barry whose reputation in broadcasting is beyond reproach? Barry, who at 5'4", 130 pounds is physically one of the least "menacing" people I know? Barry capable of resisting arrest? I literally thought it was a joke. It was no joke. It seems like Provincetown hires homo-phobic bullies to "protect and serve" the population in the summer months. In the long run it may be a very costly mistake. If Barry Scott is found guilty and the other cases pending involving anti-gay violence are not resolved justly, Provincetown will no longer have the need for added Police force in Summer months. Without our "fag" dollars, how will you pay for your storm troopers in P-Town? Free Barry Scott! John Taylor/Hollywood, CA

--I am a part-time Cape resident. One of our favorite things to do in the summer is visit Provincetown. My 5 year old son loves the Pirate Museum and the Portugese Festival in addition to the great ice cream places. After Barry Scott was brutally beaten by Provincetown police for hosting a 40th birthday party, we stopped going to Provincetown. To accuse someone of disturbing the peace for playing music in Provincetown at 10:00pm is like saying someone is disturbing the peace blowing a horn on New Year's Eve in Times Square. I feared if I brought my son down for a celebration or festival, and the police started a riot, he would be in danger. It saddens me that a place which used to celebrate diversity has become a place we want to avoid. I have known Barry Scott for almost 20 years and have only known him as an intelligent, sweet, fun person. These charges are bogus and should be dropped. I also urge you to carefully consider who you will place in the Chief of Police position. We Cape residents want someone who will protect and serve not protest and slaughter. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Lisa Dini Rozamus/Eastham, MA

--Ms. Coakley: How can Provincetown purport to be worthy of safe haven status after the events that occurred last summer? The police department dares to say that someone’s face inadvertently came into contact with the side of the house. The city insults the intelligence of not only the people it serves but those who honor it with their precious vacation dollars. If Provincetown were remorseful for the hate it inflicted upon its citizens and truly worthy of the distinction why is the city still pursuing frivolous and erroneous charges against Barry Scott; an innocent individual who was beaten by the police (really a staff of part time summer thugs)? As someone who was born and raised in New England I have always taken great pride in the fact that our states have been leaders in passing comprehensive and innovative gay rights laws. Providence has the first openly gay mayor of a capitol city. Provincetown should be ashamed but instead continues to exacerbate a climate of prejudice and hate by holding a victim of violence responsible for his own brutalization. I urge you to look into this matter. Thank you for your time. Lori Di Costanzo/Nashville, TN

--2007 is the 23rd summer I will be visiting Provincetown. When I lived in Boston, I counted Barry Scott as one of my closest friends. He and his partner, Bryan Richardson, were recently houseguests at my home in Florida. I have attended countless events that Barry DJed and/or MCed (most of them charity events). I have also enjoyed Barry's radio programs since the 80s. For 20+ years now I have never known Barry to be anything less than an honorable, law-abiding, educated, well-spoken, gentleman with a heart of gold. I wasn't at the party where Barry was arrested, but regardless of what Barry and/or the police officers said at the party, the fact remains that Barry was brutally attacked during his arrest by Provincetown police officers who were substantially larger than Barry's 5' 4", 130 pound, frame. I understand the need for the town to hire "summer officers", but this incident questions the professionalism of the officers in question. Furthermore, the fact that the town has not dropped charges is indicative of the town's unwillingness to admit that this incident was not handled properly. I find myself with many legal questions I hope you, too, will consider: How many police officers does it take to arrest a 5' 4", 130 pound man? Was Barry actually resisting arrest while saying "I am not resisting arrest,I am not resisting arrest." Since when are police permitted to enter someone's back yard without a warrant? Can an individual commit a hate crime by throwing their fist, while holding their tongue? Barry's physical scars are beginning to heal. The emotional distress that this has caused (and continues to cause) Barry and Bryan is appropriate to the situation. I urge you to immediately drop charges against Barry Scott so that the emotional scars can begin to heal, as well. Sincerely, -David Bloom/Miami, Florida

--Dear Town Manager Lynn and Board of Selectmen: I am a homeowner in Provincetown, and feel compelled to write to express my concern over the recent incident involving Barry Scott, who was arrested and injured by Provincetown police officers on July 15th. I urge you to arrange for an independent inquiry into the incident. I do not believe the Provincetown police or the existing town management have the independence or expertise to conduct an appropriate inquiry. I am also concerned by the conclusory statement made by Acting Police Chief Tobias to the Provincetown Banner that "I don't see signs of excessive force." The incident occurred at a birthday party, and it appears that the noise complaints came at 7:30, 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night in the midst of the summer season. This was not a weeknight, or after midnight, or a repeated occurrence. It was a single party on a single Saturday night in the middle of summer. I also don't see how, under any circumstances, the injuries that were sustained by Barry Scott at the hands of Provincetown Police can be justified, under any circumstances, for a noise violation. If this incident was a standalone matter, perhaps it could be explained as an aberration. However, over the last 10 years I have seen an erosion of the community policing efforts that we as a town instituted in the late 1980s and early 1990s. For example,I witnessed first hand an intimidating display by the Massachusetts State Police marching on horseback in riot gear through the peaceable crowd assembled at Spiritus Pizza on July 4th, 2006 (last year). I would assert that there needs to be a comprehensive review of the Provincetown Police, their interacton with the community, and a reassessment of the image we would hope to project to the outside world. Please keep me informed as to what actions you intend to take. Very truly yours, Steven Avruch/Boston

--This letter is to provide you with a character reference for my long-time friend, Barry Scott. Barry and I met in 1986 while he was the promotions director and disc jockey at aradio station in Boston and I was a Senior Audit Manager at the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. Over the years I have always found Barry to be polite, professional and extremely dedicated. He has built an extremely successful radio franchise through his ability to positively interact with performing artists and fans of his program. I have been to many public events with Barry and he is exceedingly kind and courteous to anyone he comes in contact with. He has dedicated himself to several social causes and in fact has won recognition for these efforts. In the course of my business career I have had the opportunity to interact with people from many different professions and I consider Barry to be one of the finest people I have met. What Barry has managed to do within the radio industry is amazing. He has been able to single handedly create a franchise program and successfully market that program in the Boston area for over twenty years. His hard work, pleasant demeanor and commitment to the format of his program have built a Boston institution. After reading the recent media reports about an incident that took place in Provincetown last Saturday, I found the police description of Barry’s actions to be inconsistent with his character and personality. I respectfully request that you carefully review the facts related to this incident. It is my hope that your review will lead to clearing Barry of the charges being brought against him. Sincerely, Richard Pond/Braintree, MA

--I have enjoyed over 20 summers in Provincetown, however I am now concerned that those days have come to an end. While I did not witness any of the events of last summer - the sheer volume of reports from a variety of sources, local, regional and international that indicate that hate crimes are not only on the rise, but Provincetown itself via its police department is at the center of the problem. From what I've read, on one hand Police officers looked the other way when a victim of a hate crime was beaten and left without medical care and far worse, police officers have allegedly brutalized several people last summer which appears to be an integral part of the new epidemic of hate in Provincetown. The fact that Provincetown's leadership has enlisted the external help of the ADL shows that P-town acknowledges a grave problem. However the town leadership seems to be evading responsibility and accountability for the serious allegations with respect to its police department's abandonement of a victim in medical need and it's excessive use of force in what appears to be 3 situations. Why is that? Why would town leadership acknowledge a problem of hate incidences, yet not publicly condemn those who have beaten people whether it is a "skin head" or more importantly and far more troubling its own police force using excessive force. Why has the town asked the ADL to do it's work? Why hasn't the town leadership publicly apologized to the victims of HATE brutality? Seems inconsistent, in fact hypocritical to enlist the ADL, yet not publicly apologize to victims, not to mention compensate them for their injuries.

The message I'm "hearing" is "we dont care" or we care more about volumes of dollars from huge volumes of people and not about individuals. Well it's individuals who make up large masses and if good individuals feel afraid in a place and worse feel the town has looked the other waay when it's on police force uses excessive force, they don't visit those towns any longer - and those numbers add up - really fast. If the police do things that are questionable and the town leadership does not stand up for blind justice, then town leadership is complicit. The fact that there is a growing international trend to avoid P-town for more tolerant international gay resorts is to say the very least troubling. I am concerned, quite concerned. Why is the town leadership silent - is the rumor true that the town businesses have hushed the newspapers and town leaders so that the tourist dollars keep flowing - does the town leadership put dollars ahead of human rights? If what has occurred in P-town occurred in any other country - free thinking and speaking progressives would cry fascism. Is P town's selective care for only certain people and excessive use of force that of tyrannical police states? I would like to hear what you have to say, my ears are open, I have not yet made final plans for summer travel, but p town has moved down the list and Ogunquit, Mykonos and Sitges have moved up my list eclipsing my beloved P- town.

Strong vocal town leadership matters. Standing up for human rights matters. Putting the safety of individuals ahead of tourism dollars matters. Publicly condemning those who physically harm others matters. Compensating victims matters. Leadership accountability matters. This is a sad day, a very sad day. I want to feel secure in P town again. I want to love P town again - I want P-town to always be at the top of my list, not 4th. I look forward to your replies.--(Anonymous. The author states the following: I would have allowed the use of my name BUT in a place that has taken on elements of fascism, I am truly afraid of police retaliation for speaking out. It truly is a sad commentary to use the word fascist in the truest meaning of the word for a place like P-town that HAD been so progressive.)

--I received an email from my friend Bryan Richardson and in his email he attached an article from Edge.com about the unfortunate incident that happened to him and his partner Mr. Barry Scott. I’ve known this couple for a long time and I can vouch for their sweetness, sincerity, honesty and dedication to our community. I was so shocked to learn that Mr. Scott was accused of being aggressive when in fact I’ve never seen him getting mad nor being aggressive at all. He is a peace-loving individual and what can you expect for a 5 feet something gay man does to a bunch of cops? I am still confused and puzzled. I love Provincetown, My partner and I always make sure that we visit your lovely town 2 to 3 times a year. That is the only place where I feel safe, well-loved, well-accepted and be happy, and because of this latest development it made me feel afraid to go there and in fact cancelled a reservation we made for an August trip. I am so furious and mad. I feel for this couple's pain. I hope justice and equality will be extended upon Mr. Scott and Mr. Richardson. Truly yours, Coco Alinsug/Lynn, MA

The Massachusetts 'Attorney General' can be reached at (617) 727-2200 or via e-mail: Martha Coakley. Demand she do her job for once and hold police accountable for their brutality! This woman is a disgrace to our state.

Contact the Town Manager of Provincetown at (508) 487-7002 or via e-mail: Sharon Lynn.

You can also cut and paste and send a copy to the editors at: Bay Windows; Provincetown Banner; Boston Globe; Boston Herald; N.E. Blade (innewsweekly); NECN; Provincetown Tourism Office; Boston TV; The Advocate; N.Y. Times; Today Show; Newsweek; Time Magazine; NBC News; Dateline NBC; The Today Show; MSNBC; Air America; New York Post; USA Today; LOGO TV.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.

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