9/30/14-Annie Lennox on celebrity

todaySeptember 30, 2014


Annie LennoxIn an interview with Billboard, Annie Lennox opens up about reinventing herself, being more than a musician, and her thoughts on celebrity culture, telling the Billboard that it “makes [her] cringe.”
​”​This celebrity culture is so diminishing, so invasive and reductive and embarrassing,” says Lennox.​ ​”​It makes me cringe. But we’re used to it, aren’t we? We think it’s normal.​”​
​Lennox also maintains that she is more than a musician, and has recently been focusing on being a human rights activist.
“The last decade has been more about me as a human rights activist, a spokesperson for women’s rights, HIV — issues that affect people at a more serious level. ​.. Music is a fantastic thing to do, but it was maybe not serious enough to me. I feel so phony about certain things, and music’s a great platform for that — I take other issues seriously.”

Written by: Barry Scott

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