11/1/14-No sleep for Nile Rodgers!

todayNovember 1, 2014


Nile RodgersOur pal Nile Rodgers doesn’t bother with sleep. The Chic singer is one of the most respected men in the business and has worked with everyone from Madonna to Pharrell Williams throughout his mammoth career.
While he’s dominated the charts since disco exploded onto the scene in the ’70s, one thing he’s never mastered is the ability to get some shut eye.
“Don’t bother with sleep,” Nile told Q magazine as his first golden rule for life. “I’ve slept three or four hours a night, sometimes none at all, since I was six. I used to equate sleep with death, so maybe that’s still the underlying thing.
“The amount of times I’ve gone from nightclubbing directly to the studio… My brain gets active when I start thinking about music, so it’s hard to sleep. Therefore I choose not to.”
Known for classics such as “Le Freak,” “Good Times” and “Everybody Dance,” Nile’s most recent hits have seen him gain a whole new audience.
French dance duo Daft Punk were so impressed with his work on their smash hit tune “Get Lucky,” they asked the 62-year-old for his input on more songs for their number one, Grammy awarded-winning album “Random Access Memories.”
However, being a sought-after musical genius has its downsides and Nile says getting a moment’s peace is nearly impossible for him – something else which prevents him from getting much sleep.
“I have movies on every waking minute and I sleep with headphones on because I have to have constant noise. If I didn’t, music would be playing in my head – I need something to drown it out. It’s a life sentence, man, but the good part is, I get to write Get Lucky. The bad part is, I never sleep,” he explained.

Written by: Barry Scott

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