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todayDecember 28, 2015


Carly Simon

Though Carly Simon was born in New York, the “You’re So Vain” singer and Martha’s Vineyard resident still has lots of love for Boston.

In a recent interview, Simon revealed that she had wanted to sing at the 2013 Boston Strong concert, which served as a fund-raiser for the Boston Marathon bombing survivors. Unfortunately, the remnants of a love-gone-wrong got in the way: Simon’s ex-husband James Taylor was already lined up to appear.

“When I wanted to sing at Boston Strong, I was told that I couldn’t, and the reason was that [Taylor] was going to be there. So there are all kinds of not only political but musical events that I’m just not allowed to be a part of because everybody knows James won’t do it if Carly’s there.”

Simon continued to talk about her new memoir, Boys in the Trees — which made it to number 7 on the New York Times Bestsellers List in Nonfiction. In that book, she focuses on her tumultuous relationship Taylor. The two had built a house together on the Vineyard—Taylor now lives in the Berkshires—and their relationship is an “ever-present character” in the book.

“The first parts of the house were all planned by James…And of course, everybody tells me, The house is yours now—and I do feel that,” Simon said. “But there are constant memories, because…it’s not that we moved into some place together. We built it together…For the first five years or so [after the divorce] I kept on saying, ‘And this is James’s, this is where he kept his tools’ — I would take people around as if it was James’s museum.”

Simon said that Taylor still doesn’t speak to her, 32 years after their divorce, but she doesn’t know why.

“It’s interesting, because I am very—I love him. I love him dearly,” she said. “But I love him in a vacuum. I would say that the relationship is very resolved from James’s point of view, which makes it clearly impossible for me to have a relationship with him because he’s put down an iron curtain, which I think is a very strange thing to do since I never considered myself to be harmful or dangerous, but perhaps he knows something that I don’t know…but it’s been very hard to raise children without having their father to talk to. It’s not as if he’s dead somewhere, he’s living in the Berkshires. So it’s been much more preoccupying to me than if he had been able to be reached. Then it would have been normalized. But being an abnormal situation, one tends to rebel against it.”

Written by: Barry Scott

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