1/9/16-Alice Cooper shocked @ terror

todayJanuary 9, 2016


Alice CooperRock legend Alice Cooper was shocked to the core over the Paris terrorist attacks, and hopes that mankind never just accepts senseless killings.
When Alice, real name Vincent Damon Furnier, rose to fame in the late ’60s, he was known for his shocking onstage antics. It was a time when rock and roll ruled, and the stars of the day tried to be over the top with their performances. However, these days it’s the world around him that often shocks the 67-year-old. The terrorist attacks on Paris in November really troubled Alice, especially the shooting at the Eagles of Death Metal concert.
“(I’m shocked) all the time,” Alice admitted to Q magazine. “Especially at the Paris thing. You know, rock’n’roll’s not shocking at all. Though I guess we shocked audiences pretty easily in the ’70s: here’s a guy with a girl’s name with snakes and make-up and blood and guillotines… yeah, they were well and truly shocked. But I hope we never get over the shock of somebody going into a concert and killing a bunch of people for no reason. It’s not a religious or political thing. It’s just a bunch of guys who want to kill people. That’s shocking.”
Alice also opened up to the magazine about past bar brawls he’s been involved in, and his dislike of his cell phone. When asked about the last thing he thinks about before drifting off to sleep, Alice shed some light on his dreams.
“I try to find that moment where you drift between consciousness and unconsciousness,” he explained. “I’m always having adventure dreams where I’m James Bond and I’m in total control of a situation which in real life I wouldn’t be.”

Written by: Barry Scott

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