9/14/16-Toni Basil at 72!

todaySeptember 14, 2016


Toni Basil
(CNN) First of all, can we wrap our heads around the fact that Toni Basil is 72 years old? At 72, Toni Basil is still so fine, with 20-something dance moves! The Internet can’t seem to get enough of the “Mickey” singer grooving. A video of Basil dancing at a workshop back in July has gone viral.
Her hip-hop moves are so smooth it’s hard to believe that Basil is a septuagenarian. The video had some folks on Twitter asking if the 70s are the new 20s.

Basil is best known for her infectious 1982 hit, but she has had an even bigger career as a choreographer, including work on movies such as “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Legally Blonde.”

Written by: Barry Scott

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