Ringo StarrRingo Starr has pocketed an extra $790,000 after selling his personal copy of The Beatles ‘The Beatles’ aka ‘The White Album’ at auction.

The first print run of The White Album were numbered. Ringo owned  #0000001. When the albums were initially manufactured the numbering was sequential so the buyer actually has the first copy of that classic recording every made.

Ringo didn’t keep the copy so that one day it would be valuable. It was also the record he played at home. “It will have my fingerprints on it,” he told Rolling Stone.

Another buyer, Colts owner Jim Irsay, bought Ringo’s 1963 Ludwig Oyster Pearl drum-kit, the one used on more than 100 Beatles recordings and played in concert by Ringo himself. That went for $US2.2 million.

Ringo sold more than 800 personal items at the auction, held in Los Angeles on Friday. A portion of the proceeds will go to his Lotus Foundation charity, supporting social welfare.