George HarrisonThe late George Harrison will be heard again on a new song from the upcoming Eric Clapton album ‘I Still Do’.

According to George Varga at the San Diego Union Tribune the album features the mysterious Angelo Mysterioso on vocals and guitar on the track ‘I Will Be There’. Angelo Mysterioso was a pseudonym Harrison used to use. He was under that name when he was a guest guitarist of Cream’s ‘Goodbye’ album.

‘I Still Do’ was produced by Glyn Jones who last worked with Clapton on ‘Backless’ in 1978.

“This was a long and overdue opportunity to work with Glyn Johns again, and also, incidentally, the fortieth anniversary of ‘Slowhand’!” said Eric Clapton.

The ‘I Still Do’ artwork is the work of esteemed artist Sir Peter Blake, whose previous art includes the co-design of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album sleeve, as well as the Band Aid single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?,” Paul Weller’s Stanley Road and The Who’s Face Dances. ‘I Still Do’ features Blake’s signature at the bottom right corner of the cover.

I Still Do will be available MAY 20, 2016.