Madonna is hoping a radical blood treatment will help her bounce back from the mystery pain that forced her to cancel a series of Madame X dates last month.

The superstar has turned to osteopath Jean Michel Ete for his autohemotherapy rehab fix, which mixes blood with ozone gas.

Madonna posted a video of the process on social media on Thursday - with her twin daughters Stelle and Estere stood by their mother as her blood was extracted, mixed with the gas and pumped back into her body via an intravenous drip.

'"Infusing the blood... Vitamin drip... Tibetan bowls... singing and meditation... Felt amazing afterwards!!" the singer wrote.

She is hoping the treatment will help her complete her Madame X Tour after cancelling three Boston, Massachusetts shows over the weekend.

The 61-year-old announced she was pulling the plug on the concerts on Instagram, writing: "the pain I'm in right now is overwhelming and I must rest and follow doctors orders so i can come back stronger and better (sic)."

Madonna will resume her tour at the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday.