Julian Lennon was recently rushed to hospital for an emergency cancer operation after a suspicious-looking mole was discovered during a routine appointment.

The 56-year-old, the son of late The Beatles legend John Lennon, told Britain's The Sun newspaper that it was during a routine appointment with skin expert Dr. Tess Mauricio when she spotted a suspicious-looking mole.

"The trouble is... you think you have time... a few days ago, I went to visit my dermatologist, here in LA, when she noticed a little bump on my head that was actually a mole that had been there, along with a birthmark, for the last 57 years. But this time, it looked & felt a little different," he explained.

After a biopsy he had several days ago revealed that it was "malignant/cancerous" and needed to be removed immediately, he underwent the operation.

"Hopefully we managed to remove all that was cancerous, but the mole is being sent off again, for a further/deeper analysis, and I’ll have those results next week," he continued. "I cannot tell you how I felt, from one moment of joy, to the fear of feeling that I may be gone, at any given moment. I’m still shaking inside... but my faith is strong."

Source: music-news.com