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3/5/21-Alice Cooper’s Mind

Source: Alice Cooper didn't know if he should leave the house with his make-up on at the height of his drink and drug addiction. The 73-year-old rocker - who got sober almost four decades ago - has recalled how he was unable to identify himself from his stage persona, who is famous for wearing signature black eye make-up and parading on stage with snakes around his neck, during his […]

todayMarch 5, 2021


5/13/16-Alice Cooper Band reunited

Alice Cooper is planning on putting the old band back together to record their first album in 43 years. Alice Cooper was a band until the 1973 ‘Muscle Of Love’ album after which Alice continued the name as a solo act from 1975’s ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ and on. In moving forward Cooper says he wants to go back to creating the greatness of ‘Killer’ when Alice Cooper was a […]

todayMay 13, 2016


1/9/16-Alice Cooper shocked @ terror

Rock legend Alice Cooper was shocked to the core over the Paris terrorist attacks, and hopes that mankind never just accepts senseless killings. When Alice, real name Vincent Damon Furnier, rose to fame in the late '60s, he was known for his shocking onstage antics. It was a time when rock and roll ruled, and the stars of the day tried to be over the top with their performances. However, […]

todayJanuary 9, 2016


8/28/14-Alice Cooper bests McCartney

Alice Cooper was embarrassed he beat Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney to the top of the charts. The American entertainer is instantly recognizable by his long black hair and heavy eye make-up. He's been working in music since the '60s, and has released more than 25 albums. When he first got to number one in the charts though, Alice recalls how inferior he felt compared to his idols. "In this […]

todayAugust 28, 2014


8/3/14-Alice Cooper Revealed

"Lost 45" guest Alice Cooper says playing the pantomime villain is one of the golden rules he lives his life by. The legendary rock singer, born Vincent Damon Furnier, created his stage image so that the music scene could have a dark lord. Since he burst onto the scene in the late '60s with his band, Alice is one of the most instantly recognisable faces in the business - largely […]

todayAugust 3, 2014


5/11/14-Alice Cooper Documentary

Alice Cooper is the subject of the first ever 'doc opera', a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera that will cement forever his legend. The documentary gives us the twisted tale of a teenage Dr Jekyll whose rock 'n' roll Mr Hyde almost kills him. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, a preacher's son who struck fear into the hearts of parents as Alice Cooper, […]

todayMay 11, 2014