Frank Sinatra

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11/16/14-Lionel Richie & Sinatra

Billboard caught up with 2014 Touring Awards' Legend of Live honoree Lionel Richie, who shed light on some of the most memorable moments of his legendary career, like acquainting with Michael Jackson's pet snake while writing 'We Are the World' and his "unlikely" friendship with Frank Sinatra. Nodding to legends in other genres, in response to the question 'What's the loudest, most raucous music you enjoy?' Richie answered "Metallica. They […]

todayNovember 16, 2014


5/16/14-Dylan covers Sinatra!

Bob Dylan is apparently working on an album of Frank Sinatra covers and has teased fans with the release of one song on his official website. Fans visiting at the moment are being treated to the song 'Full Moon & Empty Hearts'. Dylan also posted an image of himself in what looks like a vintage album cover with the title 'Shadows In The Night', a play on Sinatra's 'Strangers […]

todayMay 16, 2014