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1/14/20-Meat Loaf lawsuit

Meat Loaf is suing a hotel over a fall that left him hospitalized for 42 days. The 72-year-old singer and his wife Deborah Lee Gillespie have taken legal action against Hyatt Regency at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where he took a tumble in May 2019 while preparing to speak at a Q&A session during Texas Frightmare Weekend. In the complaint, the 'Bat Out Of Hell' star "put his foot down […]

todayJanuary 14, 2020


10/2/16-Meatloaf loves baby ducks!

Meat Loaf’s most treasured possession is his rubber duck collection. The American rock star and actor is still performing at nearly 70, despite some health setbacks over the years. Fans travel the world to see him live and bring with them odd gifts, which the musician has kept and built up. “My most treasured possession is... my collection of rubber ducks,” he told Mojo magazine. “I have around 100 of […]

todayOctober 2, 2016


9/4/15-Meatloaf spitting blood

Meat Loaf can't understand why people have been hostile since he sang through a vocal haemorrhage. The American musician is famous the world over thanks to his powerful voice, producing hits such as "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" and "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights;" but having such impressive singing skills hasn't been without its problems. "Yeah, when you're 26, your voice has a certain timbre. When you're 68, your […]

todaySeptember 4, 2015


5/7/15-Meat Loaf cancels tour

Meat Loaf has been forced to cancel his entire 2015 Summer Tour due to an unspecified medical condition. There has been no formal announcement from the singer's management but many of the venues on the tour have been informed of the cancellation including the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL (August 19) and River Edge Park in Aurora, IL (August 23). All tour dates have been removed from Meat Loaf's […]

todayMay 7, 2015


2/9/15-Meat Loaf on music biz

Meat Loaf doesn't hold out much hope for the artists of today lasting very long in music. The veteran performer is known for his powerhouse anthems, like "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" and "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)," and first took the charts by storm in the early 70s. His popularity has endured over the years but Meat Loaf, real name Marvin Lee Aday, […]

todayFebruary 10, 2015


1/4/14-Meat Loaf 'un-retired'

Mr. Meat Loaf is returning to action less than 12 months after hanging up his bat. Meat Loaf will head to Las Vegas in February for a 24-date residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino for Rocktellz & Cocktails. In May, 2013, Meat Loaf announced he would no longer tour due to the 'nightly stress' but a stable location such as Vegas allows him to continue to perform. The Rocktellz […]

todayJanuary 5, 2014


5/1/13- Meat Loaf's fit rocker envy

Meat Loaf is jealous of Bruce Springsteen because he can still slide across the stage on his knees. The 65-year-old singer is currently on his "Last at Bat Tour," which is being billed as a farewell series of shows. Meat Loaf has claimed previous tours would be his last, but this time around he is adamant he won't be returning to the stage. As much as he loves performing for […]

todayMay 1, 2013


4/3/13- Meat Loaf's final tour

Meat Loaf said late last year that he was touring as a final goodbye to his fans with "The Last Bat Tour." Some took him seriously while some thought it was a bit of grandstanding. The singer confirmed his original stance recently said, "This is really it. I just don't want to travel anymore. I outweigh Mick Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something. He hasn't seen […]

todayApril 3, 2013


12/20/12- Meat Loaf UK Goodbye tour

Meat Loaf has announced today he will be returning to the UK next April with his 'Last At Bat' tour to bid a final goodbye to his fans, including a date at London's O2 Arena. The singer will perform a two-act show. The first act will include some of Meat Loaf's greatest hits such as 'Dead Ringer For Love' and 'I'd Lie For You (And That's the Truth)'. The second […]

todayDecember 20, 2012