Your Fave “Lost 45” Recording Artists of the 70s & 80s!


Barry Scott also specializes in publicity for recording artists who have roots in the 60s, 70s & 80s! Just a few of the artists praising Barry:

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Your Top Recording Artists on “The Lost 45s with Barry Scott!”


  1. ABBA (Picture) (Site Link)
  2. Rick Springfield (Site Link)
  3. Osmonds/Donny/Donny & Marie (Picture)(Site Link)
  4. Duran Duran (Site Link)
  5. KC & The Sunshine Band (Picture) (Site Link)
  6. Jackson Family (Site Link)
  7. Bee Gees (Site Link)
  8. Cher/Sonny & Cher (Picture)(Cher Link) (Sonny Link)
  9. Partridge Family/David Cassidy (Picture) (Partridge Link) (David’s Link)
  10. Culture Club (Site Link)
  11. Olivia Newton John (Site Link)
  12. Donna Summer (Site Link)
  13. Neil Diamond (Site Link)
  14. Barry White (Read Chapter From Barry Scott’s Book)
  15. Bangles (Site Link)
  16. Captain & Tennille (Site Link)
  17. Bay City Rollers (Picture) (Site Link)
  18. Debbie Gibson (Site Link)
  19. Tony Orlando & Dawn (Picture) (Site Link)
  20. Barry Manilow (Site Link)
  21. Helen Reddy (Picture) (Site Link)
  22. Gilbert O’Sullivan (Picture) (Site Link)
  23. Leo Sayer (Picture) (Site Link)
  24. Corey Hart (Site Link)
  25. Blondie (Site Link)