1/29/20-No Lindsey in Mac

todayJanuary 29, 2020


Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac have no plans to ever reunite with Lindsey Buckingham.
The guitarist was fired by the band in 2018, and now Mick Fleetwood has ruled out the possibility of seeing the ‘Go Your Own Way’ legends reuniting with him in the future.
Asked if he could see a scenario where Lindsey was welcome back into the fold, he told Rolling Stone magazine: “No. Fleetwood Mac is a strange creature.
“We’re very, very committed to [guitarist Neil Finn and Mike Campbell], and that passed away a long time, ago, when Lindsey left.
“And it’s not a point of conversation, so I have do say no.”
However, Mick insisted the group’s remaining members – including Stevie Nicks and couple Christine and John McVie – would never try to play down the impact Lindsey has had on their “legacy”.
He added: “It’s a full drama of Fleetwood Mac, no doubt. His legacy is alive and well, and as it should be.
“A major, major part that will never be taken away, and never be down-spoken by any of us. Neil and Mike have tremendous respect for Lindsey.
“The situation was no secret. We were not happy. It was not working, and we parted company. And that really is the all of it.”
Lindsey was ousted from Fleetwood Mac in January 2018 and he later filed a lawsuit alleging breach of fiduciary duty and breach of oral contract but they later settled the lawsuit.
He said: “We’ve all signed off on something. I’m happy enough with it. I’m not out there trying to twist the knife at all. I’m trying to look at this with some level of compassion, some level of wisdom.”

Written by: Barry Scott

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