Lionel Richie began his UK summer tour in Northampton last night. He was on "The One Show" last night talking about touring and his love of British music.

"The tour hasn’t stopped. Once someone asked me how long is this tour gonna last, and I said, well I’ve been on tour since ’71. The British have so much influence on the musical scene / The Beatles came over, and of course. The (Rolling) Stones and now you’ve got the rush of Ed Sheeran now / As far as I’m concerned artistry is always kind of a thing that Britain has always stayed right on top of I always say, if you have a hit record, play it, and make sure you do one thing more importantly, don’t change it, cos they have to know when to come in, the crowd has to know when to sing, you want the original, you want it to sound just like the record, and for god’s sake play it."

The date is part of a summer tour which will be visiting iconic venues across the country in areas such as Perth, London, Lincoln, Shrewsbury, Leigh, Carlisle, Scarborough, Chesterfield, Hove and North Norfolk.

In other big news, at yesterday’s 2018 Ivor Novello Awards, he was given the PRS For Music Special International Award. Exclusive Music News interview filmed at the Ivor Novello Awards live soon.